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Professional liability insurance for nurses

When the emergency lands patient looks forward towards a medical practitioner to cure him and restore his health back. Hence medical practitioners are entitled for more liability claims than any other professionals. Nurses are no exception and hence to protect them from any lawsuit, professional liability insurance for nurses is a must. The amount of coverage they need to carry depends on many factors. The specific work they perform in which environment is the defining factor on how much insurance they will carry. It is very important to have sufficient liability insurance when you are working in nursing profession. Paying a little extra money every month is beneficial in the long run.

Why do nurses require professional liability insurance?

In today’s litigious world claims can pose threat a serious threat to the nurses and hence they should carry their personal professional nursing liability insurance. This coverage protects them from legal costs and board of nursing actions. They are protected against claim arising out arising out of bodily injury or death caused by error, omission, negligence in profession services. It also covers defense costs incurred while investigation, cost of representation, compensation etc. There is much unique, comprehensive and affordable liability policy coverage for nurses. They are suited for most of them working under wide range of disciplines. Some of these policies are also custom made for individual needs. You can choose from coverage limit from $100,000 to $1,000,000. You can also opt for your personal deductibles $ from 1,000 to $10,000. The premiums are annual and is payable in one single payment during the commencement of the insurance period Who can avail professional liability insurance in nursing profession?

  • Many retired nurses teach and train other nurses which is a very rewarding experience but this also makes them more susceptible to experience litigations and lawsuits. They can apply for this insurance.
  • It is important that you are qualified as a nurse in that country and are also practicing it. Proof of your professional qualifications and training are also required.
  • The applicants should have clean record and should not have been subjected to any previous claims made or filed against.
  • Some nurse work as legal consultant where they are used in legal capacities. At times you can face a lawsuit for working in this capacity. Many times the liability insurance provided by the employer is not sufficient and hence it is best to have your own personal professional insurance.
  • Nursing students though are still learning have to work in varied hospitals, clinics and medical setups which make them vulnerable to lawsuits. Though schools and training centers provide minimum amount of coverage it is best in the interest of the aspiring nurses to seek out their personal professional liability insurance.

professional liability insurance for nurses

There are many companies offering professional liability insurance for nurses. It can be confusing to choose one and decide on the amount of coverage to opt for. The best way to figure this out is by consulting others nurses working in your organization to know the right amount of coverage needed. You can also ask for suggestions from the hospital or clinic you work for. Find a reputable provider of professional insurance and seek his advice to know your liability coverage needs. It is best to consult the professional organization you belong to recommend you with the best insurance provider. Some of the leading insurance companies providing professional liability insurance for nursing professional are HPSO, NSO and MAG Mutual, Sinclair Insurance and many others.

With professional liability insurance for nurses they can carry out their duties and responsibilities without the fear of facing any legal litigations