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Are you looking for low cost professional liability insurance?

Today with the growing malpractices and increasing competitiveness in all the professions there is a need for professional liability insurance. This demands special attention due to the unique nature of the coverage that it provides. It is also known as errors and omissions E&O insurance. Professional liability insurance cost greatly depends on the profession you are in. Usually medical practitioners, lawyers, IT consultants have to pay more premium on this insurance as compared to others. The premium can range from one to two percent of a firm’s revenue or even more. This type of policy is usually purchased independently of general liability insurance.

Factors affecting the cost of professional liability insurance

The most important factors that affect the cost of this insurance are the field of profession, business size, deductible, and income and amount coverage. One must give out complete detail of their business including the size of the business, professional income, types of risk involved, and all the information about your eligibility. Depending on all these factors the insurance company will offer you policy coverage that will protect you and your business from great financial impact when any client files a case against you. The insurance premium for the medical practitioner is maximum but they too vary according to the specialty of the practitioner. The premium for emergency physicians has grown by 50%. There are some who pay more than $100,000 annually and Neurosurgeons, obstetrics and gynecologists pay 200,000 and 300,000 annually. So depending on the risk of your profession and the complications involved the premium varies.

professional liability insurance cost

Where to look for most affordable professional liability insurance company?

To get the best deal ask quotes for the same policy from different companies and compare them. This will help you to decide which professional liability insurance cost is most affordable to you. You can search for these companies on internet or look out in your local yellow pages. You can also ask a friend or a relative who has similar coverage and get feedback on the company they are insured with. Scout out some time to find out the right insurance company that offers fast and fair services. An insurance policy is much more than a piece of paper. They should be able to provide you timely coverage analysis, prompt assignments to defense counsel, should be able to defend the baseless claims aggressively and should pay the claims fairly. The cost you pay for professional liability insurance is worth as it makes you stress free and you and your business is saved from bankruptcy incase if there is any case filed by the client.

Your professional liability insurance cost varies depending on what you are buying like claims made policy or occurrence policy. In occurrence policy you can cover the claim even after many months or years after the occurrence of the incident. While the claim made policy provides coverage only during the prescribed policy period. This type of insurance policy is more common than the prior as their premiums are generally lower. So depending upon your need and budget opt for a policy that will be best suited to you. The cost you pay for this premium is worth in the long run during any lawsuit. In case of lawsuit you end up paying much more of legal fees and claim settlements.