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Being a lawyer professional liability insurance will help you in the longer run

Today the attorneys at all different level face the threat of being sued. Hence as a safety net against risky clients and cases most of them prefer to have lawyers professional liability insurance. Well this can seem as paradox that an attorney can be sued but this insurance policy holds equal importance to the attorneys as the medical malpractice insurance is to medical professionals. Huge amounts are paid across the US for malfeasance, mistakes and malpractices carried out by the attorneys. Just as any other trained professional they also tend to err despite them defending law for other people. This insurance constantly reminds the lawyers to be ethically right in serving their clients. Unfortunately mistakes, oversights, slips, mix-ups, errors, or irresponsible acts do happen. They occur when least expected and some of these unfortunate events cause some serious harm to the clients.

When does an attorney require professional liability insurance? 

Attorneys can be charged in a malpractice case for hiding evidences, refusing to represent clients for prejudicial reasons and over billing. These types of actions are termed as attorney misconduct which leads to the need of lawyers professional liability insurance. Some other malpractices that are carried out by the lawyers are not giving the client complete service protection or when they are less competent to carry out their duties. In such cases their clients can file a case against them. In such cases the attorneys become the defendant due to their lack of devotion towards their work. Each lawyer or barrister is responsible for his or her own negligent acts. Such malpractices have profound effect on people’s lives. Suddenly the families experience unexpected hardships and find themselves overwhelmed with emotional and financial burdens.

Best insurance companies providing legal professional liability insurance:

ChubbPro: This Company works closely with the law firm to provide comprehensive professional liability insurance and risk management. The lawyers here have comprehensive knowledge and training of this profession and many have experience in private practice. They have in depth knowledge and experience to deal with the intricacies of law firms make them different from their counterparts. They have financial stability and the ability to pay claims and have one of the best reputations in the insurance industry. They have their branches all over US and in other 31 countries. They provide unparallel claim services to their customers.

CNA: This Company has been into existence since 1897 and has been providing outstanding services and an ongoing commitment to their customers. It is highly rated for its financial stability by all the major independent rating agencies. They have full range of insurance services and products which are designed to provide professional liability for the lawyers with varying coverage and risks. They have complete expertise and deep knowledge of all the law firm operations. They are aware of all the risks that today lawyers face and hence they deliver broad and current malpractice coverage. They also offer innovative programs to help the attorneys manage their risks.

lawyers professional liability insurance

Chartis: This Company has 90 years of experience and has established themselves as world leaders in insurance. They specialize in corporate lawyers professional liability insurance and provides coverage for claims alleging professional malpractice. They also include vital protection for personal assets of corporate attorneys. They offer innovative products and services to protect the corporate law company against malpractice claims which are initiated by shareholders, employees or other third parties.

With the research carried out, 6 % of attorneys in US end up with liability claims brought against them by their clients. The type of the law being practiced and the size of the law firm have direct impact on the amount of premium you have to pay for lawyers professional liability tax.